Sunday, 4 January 2009

Looking forward to Jen Louden's Virtual Retreat

I've been a fan of Jen Louden's for ages and loved both of the books I bought (The Woman's Retreat Book and Life Organizer) a while back. So when I read about the virtual retreat that Jen has organised for later this month it didn't take much to convince me that I should book myself onto it - particularly once I saw that many of the speakers are people who I admire greatly (namely Barbara Sher, Michael Bungay Stanier and Michael Neill).

As someone who tends to worry much more than she'd ever like to admit I found just reading the session titles for each speaker ever so soothing and comforting! I was lucky enough to get an early-bird offer via Jen's newsletter but even at the full retreat price ($88) it's a steal and there's even a 100% money back guarantee. For the price of a couple of nights out you get a 4-day virtual retreat with access to some amazing inspirational speakers (including Jen herself), loads of support and a ton of freebie downloads before, during and after the retreat - hurrah!

As you'll know from my previous blog post I'm currently nursing a broken wrist (you have *no idea* how long it's taken me to type this blog post!) so what really swung it for me is that all of the sessions will be downloadable and mine to keep after the event. I find that my eagerness to take in new ideas and information can sometimes make it hard for me to take things in deeply first time round so the idea of being able to download the sessions and revisit them as often as I need to is very appealing. If you want to join me on the retreat or want to sign up for Jen's inspiring newsletter then you can click here to visit Jennifer Louden website :-)

oh no, i just keep on falling

oh no, i just keep on falling
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Two and a half weeks ago I slipped over and within seconds I knew I'd broken my wrist - a late night trip to casualty confirmed my suspicions and in an instant my festive plans went up in smoke. A combination of the pain, the woozy-making pain killers and other external complications meant that I've been in a one-armed limbo-land since that fateful moment. Happily the pain is finally settling down and I'm chomping at the bit to get my creative plans back on track ... albeit one-handed until my cast comes off on Jan 19th!