Library of Creative Inspiration

A few weeks ago I was looking at my filled to bursting bookshelves and realised that I own enough books on creativity to open my own library. One day I might just do that but in the meantime I'm creating a virtual library using an Amazon widget. Each time someone buys one of the books listed below I get a few pennies ... it certainly won't make me rich but it might keep me in white gel pens every now and then :)

Before you buy from Amazon though please take this list to your local independent second-hand bookstore and see if they have any of them in stock. Failing that, keep an eye on the Amazon sellers who are selling used versions of the books - sometimes they are a charity or they give some of their profit to charity. When I buy books from Amazon I usually try and get a book that is a) being sold by a charity and b) has marks inside it - they're not always the cheapest but I love the serendipity that comes from seeing someone else's underlining and the notes they've scribbled in the margins :)

All of the books below are ones that I have sitting on my shelves and which have helped me along the creative path over the years. I'll be adding to this list when I have time to.