Monday, 8 February 2010

Time to make my own manifesto

Lately I've come to the realisation that I have no firm idea of what is important to me; what I will stand for and what I will fall for - my aim is to do some digging and find out so that I can make my own manifesto like the fantastic one from Aardvark on Sea (thanks to @betsybeth for buying it for me!):

The Right Brain Terrain manifesto by Frederic Terral is equally inspiring: "Just create to create. Create stuff to remind yourself you're still alive"

I still haven't nailed down my manifesto but I'm getting there (slowly). In the meantime I'm collecting inspiring manifestos that I stumble across on my journey and I'll list them here.
Olivia Sprinkel's 'Creativist Manifesto' on calls for more Being/Doing and less Consuming. It's a weighty manifesto at 17 pages long but well worth the read. I'm currently at page 6 and my favourite line so far is "Be wide-eyed"

I found this guide to writing your own manifesto via Hugh MacLeod's article on making art every day ... fantastic stuff :)

Over a year later and I still haven't written my own manifesto ... erm, what's up with that?!

I did come close with this proclamation though. And this list of 5 manifestos on the 99 Percent blog is very inspiring so you never know, I might get round to doing my own one of these days.