Thursday, 4 March 2010

Wing-Girl Required, apply within

choose freedom

I'm organising an event which will encourage folks to go for their dreams rather than wait until they feel ready. The working title for the event is 'Wait Not For Your Wings'. It will be an event for me as much as for anyone else - a reminder to go for it, just run off the edge and let the wind catch me.

If I try and do it alone I'm worried that it might never happen ... so I'm looking for a wing-girl, someone to bounce ideas off and who might help with some of the organising and who will keep things (i.e. *me*) on track.

The heart and soul of this event is contained within this one tweet: I already have permission to run a screening of The Lemonade Movie and James Whitaker is up for showing his beautiful 'After Redundancy' portraits.

Likely date: late April, early May
Likely venue: York or Leeds
Likely remuneration: £Zero (but I will do my darndest to cover your expenses)

The next few months should be a thoroughly enjoyable adventure ... who's with me?

p.s. if you are not a girl but would still like to help me make the event happen then let me know, I'm very open-minded ;-)


Ben Bowen said...

I'm in.

What do you need?

Helen Harrop said...

Awesome! I'll get your email address from you via Twitter and we can go from there! {excited!}

Graham Dean said...

Hey Helen - want any more help? My partner might be very keen - I'll let her know when I see her :)
Graham (aghillo on twitter)

Helen Harrop said...

Hi Graham, I would love to have some help from your partner if she's up for it! Follow me on twitter (@iamcreative) and we can trade email addresses :-)

Thanks Muchly, Helen