Thursday, 20 May 2010

Give Blood ~ Get Art

In the spirit of sharing I am going to tell you something shameful ... The last time I gave blood was about 10 years ago ... at least ... (where the heck does the time go?!!). At the beginning of May I decided that enough was enough, I swallowed my shame and took myself along to a local blood donor session. This story should end with me saying how lovely and understanding the nurses were (true) and how I skipped off home with my head held high, one pint of blood poorer but one cup of tea and one biscuit richer ... unfortunately I was in for a bit of a nasty surprise - my blood count was too low for me to donate so I skulked off back home without my free biscuit and without the feeling that I had done something amazing

It turns out that I'm anaemic ... nothing serious but I won't be able to give blood for another year :( ... I've come up with an idea to encourage you folks out there to give blood on my behalf. It's simple ... go and give blood ... come back and tell me about it ... I'll send you a little hand-drawn doodle (a 'bloodle'!) to thank you for being awesome!

A few of you might be thinking 'Dang! I'd love to get my hands on a doodle but I can't give blood ... boo! not fair!' ... worry not! If you can persuade someone you know to give blood then I'll send you both a doodle ... happy days!

I've had a go at creating a form for you to fill in once you've given blood (or once the person you've persuaded has given blood) ... I'm not going to put an expiry date on this offer (it took me 10 years to get round to going after all!) but obviously if everyone steps up to the plate and gives blood then I might need to have a re-think :) ... but for now, go forth and do something amazing! {beaming in anticipation of how proud you're going to make me}

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