Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Pounds, Pints and Hours

Today is my birthday and I am in the mood for taking your good wishes and turning them into good deeds ... so here's the deal:

Option 1:
from doncaster with love! ...
Donate money to a good cause - maybe the DEC's Pakistan Flood Appeal? - or maybe a cause of your choice, one that is close to your heart? Leave a comment below (anonymous if you'd prefer) letting me know how much you've donated and, as it's my {cough} 38th birthday I'll donate 38% of whatever you donate ... this will challenge my maths skills but I'm sure I'm up to the task.
{see below for a slight disclaimer}

Option 2:
the medical effects of giving blood
Do something amazing and register to give blood or, even better, head to a drop in centre and hand over a pint in your lunch hour. In return you will not only feel like a superhero but if you head to and fill in the form then I will send you a doodle.

Option 3:
time to be negative
If you are thinking 'this all sounds like a lovely idea but a) I don't have tuppence ha'penny to rub together, let alone give away and b) I'm rather attached to my blood' then this could be the option for you. Donate your time in hours to the kind souls that surround you or to a local voluntary organisation ( could be a good starting point if you don't know anyone who needs your help). Leave a comment below to let me know how many hours you're donating and I'll donate 38% of the total time that folks pledge.

So go forth, give of yourself and then let me know about it.

{{slight disclaimer: I have limited funds available which I estimate will more than cover your generosity but if anything crazy happens with the option 1 donations then I'll give all the cash I have available and find another way to cover any residual karmic debt}}


Kim said...

This is a bloody fantastic idea! :)

Also a well-timed one for me as I was just thinking about donating some hours to St Nicholas Fields only yesterday, so now I shall do so as my karmic birthday present to you!


Helen Harrop said...

Thanks Kim! How serendipitous :) Let me know how many hours you commit to and I'll donate 38% of the same time to a good cause (this does make sense doesn't it?! basically if you donate an hour a week then I'll add 20ish mins per week to the time I'm donating someone/something) #clearasmudasusual ;-) Hxx

Ellie said...

Great idea :) £100 to Pakistan, via Oxfam and Medicins sans Frontiers (does that still count?!).

Happy birthday. Am heading over to right now. You have inspired me.

Anonymous said...

Great idea, have texted donation(how geeky is that!) to DEC.
Have a great one and definately get some cake, you deserve it!

Helen Harrop said...

Ellie, wow! £100 is *fantabulous*! and yes, via Oxfam and Medecins Sans Frontiers is fine ... any charity of your choice is fine in fact :)

Thanks for choosing an amount that makes it easy for me to work out that I'll be donating £38 thanks to your donation :) big smiles all round :)

Let me know how much time you end up volunteering and I'll donate 38% of that time myself :)

Huge thanks,

Helen x

Helen Harrop said...

@ Tracey Madden,

I wish I'd put money on you making a donation ;-) fantastic stuff ... don't forget to let me know how much you donated ... I think the text donation is set at £5 but let me know if it's more :)

Thanks and hugs,

H xx

Louise said...

We've just donated £10 to Tommy's (we already donated to DEC so chose something else important to us). Hope you are having a fab day.
L,E,L & D x