Sunday, 30 January 2011

you and me and an ampersand

I was lucky enough to be gifted 12 tiny wooden ampersands and I'd like to turn them into 12 pieces of artwork.

I am an ampersand

If you'd be interested in commissioning one of the pieces then get in touch - the price of each piece will depend on how large the finished artwork is, but as a rough guide it will be the cost of the frame multiplied by four :)

Each piece will include one of the wooden ampersands which are about the size of a 20p coin ... which leaves plenty of space to incorporate any ideas you might have :)

tiny wooden ampersand

Head over to Rhona Mowat's blog to find out how these beautifully crafted wooden ampersands came to be.

Number of commissions since I posted this blog ... zero.
Number of ampersands left ... eleven. (because I sat on one and broke it)
... < le sigh >

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