Friday, 25 February 2011

We are all artists ... no, really, we *are*

I'm prepared to admit that we are not all Vincent Van Gogh or Jackson Pollock or Georgia O'Keefe. But we can all make a mark on the page and leave our mark on the world. Start by scrawling, keep going, maybe progress to doodling or adding flourishes to what you write, or throw a whole tin of paint at a wall then stand back and watch the paint draw its own masterpiece. [n.b. this author will not be held liable for any damage caused to either your property or your propriety.] If that all still sounds too scary then start of with tracing paper and a pencil and draw anything you like from a magazine or a book or your computer screen - Ignore anyone who tells you tracing is cheating - invite them to join in or jog on [or stronger words if you're feeling feisty].

Online sketch tools like the wonderfully delicate and dreamy Odopod reveal drawing for what it really is ... one line, followed by another, continue until you're finished, or until you run out of ink, or until you lose the feeling in your hand.

Another online mark making tool that will show you up for the artist that you are is the hypnotically compelling

Here's another one - I drew it while I was on a conference call, it's called 'Dog Bubble Doodle' ... maybe naming your creations might feel too fancy at first, in which case call them 'scrawl 1', 'scrawl 2', 'scrawl 3' etc until they start naming themselves.

Off you go ... be the artist you are ... come back and show me the marks you make ... or at least a photo of the drawer you're hiding them in.

Sermon over.

Update: I'm going to keep adding things here until every last one of you (i.e. all 9 of my readers ;-)) show me something they've drawn ...

Dionne Swift's 'Speed Drawing' blogpost is aimed at textile artists but it would be great fun for anyone. [hat tip to Sally Fort for tweeting about it]

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