Monday, 26 September 2011

The Pay It Forward Art Fandango

The lovely Corinna Spencer recently gifted me a small, but perfectly formed, piece of artwork as part of a pay it forward art fandango that she was participating in. Here is the piece she sent me ... it was hard to take a photo of it without capturing anything too revealing < blushes >

Pay it Forward art

So now it's my turn to pay it forward. If you'd like me to send you a piece of artwork then leave a comment below or give me a shout on that there twitter. The first five people to holler will get a small something sent to them, completely gratis. The only catch is that you then have to send five people a piece of art/doodle/scrawl/whatever.

If you like the idea of getting art from me for free but feel lightheaded at the thought of having to send out some art yourself then there is another way ... ... ... < wait for it > .... ... ... yes, that's right, you can Give Blood, Get Art instead. Let the art rush commence!


Gary Green said...

Hi Helen
Thanks for the art fandango. I really like them both. Just got to find 5 people to send mine to. :-)

Helen Harrop said...

Hi Gary, glad you liked 'em. I've managed to persuade a third person to take some free art from me ... who'd have thought giving things away could be such a challenge! :)