Sunday, 20 September 2009

Do you want to play?

When I started this blog it was part of me taking a tiny first step towards a long-held dream ... to help others have fun exploring their creativity. My fledgling idea was that eventually I would hold workshops for creative souls who want to play at making art, crafty bits and pieces. Thanks to an inspiring talk by Andrew Reason at the Do Lectures (and helped along by a sharp nudge in the ribs from the irrepresible Duke Stump) I've decided to take a leap and organise the first ever 'Let Creativity Begin workshop'.

Here's the plan: a group of us (girls only I'm afraid!) will spend 3 or 4 days together in early November. You can stay at my house or at a local hostelry. I'll supply the materials, inspiration and food ... you bring your sense of fun and a willingness to share your ideas and play. During the day we'll cover the dining room table with words, paintbrushes, scraps of material, glue and things we've ripped from magazines; In the evening we'll eat together, drink together, make popcorn, watch heartwarming films and share our stories ... we might even sing, or teach each other to knit, or go for a scary torchlit walk in the woods.

all the ingredients for creativity

You'll be helping me shape future workshops so I'll leave it up to you to pay what you think the workshop is worth/contribute however much you can afford. If you're interested in coming to this workshop then get in touch and we can take it from there!


Liz_Postlethwaite said...

Great idea Helen - of course I'd expect nothing less! What dates are you planning? I'd love to come if I can x

Helen Harrop said...

Thanks for the encouragement Liz :-) (of course I'd expect nothing less from you!) I'm thinking Sunday 1st - Wednesday 4th November but I'll be guided by folks availability :-)

Creative Cavern said...

WOO! Count me in :-D. I'll bring my box of 'one day I will do something creative with these' bits, lots of shiny things!

SallyF said...

damn how the frak did I miss this? bah. did it happen? how did it go? will there be another?