Sunday, 13 September 2009

My Do Lectures Notebook

Open my Do Lectures notebook on the Issuu website

This is the notebook I filled with words while I listened to each of the Do Lectures speakers. I'm planning to auction off this notebook to the highest bidder ... 75% of the money I raise will go to good causes, 25% will go towards getting me to the 2010 Do Lectures (arguably also a good cause, albeit a less altruistic one!). I haven't worked out the best way to run the auction yet ... all ideas and/or initial bids very welcome!


Liz_Postlethwaite said...

I love this! What a brilliant idea! x

Helen Harrop said...

thanks Liz :-) ... it has been pointed out that putting the whole thing online might be a mistake if I want someone to buy it but I'm hoping someone will want to hold it in their sticky mitts enough to donate generously :-) ... you should do it with your notebook!

Alastair said...

well done on this - fantastic stuff!